Friday, June 21, 2013

#13 Decorate Zee's Room

I finally got all the stuff up on Zee's wall and the stuff arranged the way she wants it and I like.

#53 Volunteer at School 10 times

Had I known I was going to hit 10 times before the end of the school year I would have made a higher number but I got into the swing of being there and having Zee there next year I will have more time to go in and volunteer.  I loved being up at school and helping out with the box top store, book fair, helping the teachers.  It gave me a huge sense of accomplishment.

#42 Send out cards for subcommittee meetings

We only had 4 meetings but I sent them out for each one.  I got the same people showing up but I kept it up from my end.

#36 and #37 Decorate dollhouse walls and floors

I finally got around to decorating the floors and walls in the girls dollhouse with scrapbook paper so it looks like flooring and wallpaper.  The girls absolutely love it.