Wednesday, August 19, 2015


So I fully wanted to keep up with this better this year but morning sickness (which lasted all day and all nine months) was brutal.  So let's see if I can play catch up.

January ~ Kyrie turned 10, I know it's hard to think she is that big.  I still think of her as my little girl in rain boots and shorts on a day with no clouds in sight.  But then I will probably always think of her that way no matter how old she gets. 

 February ~ Seth and I found out that horrible "flu" I thought I had was from being pregnant.  As well as celebrating our 12 year anniversary.  So we prepared ourselves and the girls for welcoming another bundle of joy.  As you can see the girls were beyond excited when we told them the news.
March ~ Little Miss Zee turned 7 and decided on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Ginger Turtles as she calls them.  So Mommy had a lot of party prep to squeeze in along with trying not be sick so much.  And get things ready for my friend's baby shower that I was making owl decorations for.  And we got a ultrasound date scheduled for McKenzie's birthday along with her message of "It will be a brother I already have a sister" we were a little terrified to find out on her birthday but it worked out  in her favor and she got what she wanted.  And we could have a little boy. Don't worry about Zee's expression she wasn't thrilled with Kyrie getting to hold the sign too, she wanted a brother.
April ~ April brought us Easter, Zee's actual party with her friends a broken washing machine and a basement disaster.  Thankfully Easter and Zee's party went without any problems we even managed to squeeze in dance pictures in April for recital.  And Zee graduated speech now we have two girls out of speech. 

May ~  May is always crazy it is recital month.  Dance consumes us in May but the girls love it so we go with it.  Plus this was Zee's first year to be able to dance with Daddy and Kyrie.  We got the washer replaced (we just had to suffer till it could be delivered) so it was a lot of cleaning up water pouring out of the washer while I did wash. 

June ~ June brought me leaving Seth alone with the girls for a week and a half while I flew out to Texas to watch my little brother graduate high school.  Of course Murphy's Law and it was his first time without me and we had three deployments worth of disasters to make up for apparently.  So the lawn mower, and stove both caught fire while I was gone. 

July ~  July went a little slower for us.  We had the baby shower and little odds and ins visits places but not much because the doctor didn't want me far away because Zee was only 2 hours of labor.  We did manage to get up to Bangor and get school clothes shopping accomplished.  We had to shop at teenage stores (really when did Kyrie get so grown  up).  I also managed to get all of the baby shower stuff made before the big day.

August ~ And finally the month we had been looking forward too.  Calvin decided to be like Zee and came rapid 3 hours total and we were holding our big boy.  He passed both girls in size and weight coming out at 9 pounds even and 21 and a half inches long.  And he came to quickly for any type of medication so I did it all natural and we actually liked our third option of nitrous instead of an epidural or a local.  But the babies are done for this family we are happy with our three.  We brought him home and Lucky seems to have quickly taken to him.  And loves night time feeding because it means extra love for him from Daddy.
Let's hope I can keep up better the rest of the year!!!