Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy found me

You know those days when you should have never left bed, well that's how mine started.  I had to make nine zillion phone calls all before 9 am because that's when I had to be at Church to help with funeral stuff.  My phone calls got me absolutely no where and all it did was frustrate me and start my day off horrible then I squirted soap on my shirt right before we were to leave so I had to try and fix that.  I got to Church and I at once felt at peace, walking through those doors lifted my horrible day away from me and made me loose track of the bad.  My word "happy" found me this morning in the most unlikely place and I am grateful I needed it.  The rest of the day went by with that happy bliss that I have so been craving the last year.  I came home to take a nap and then try again with my phone calls and was able to get through and get the help I needed.  It might have taken longer then I wanted by far but it is all handled now and one less worry to weigh me down.  I have been embracing more music in my life to help lift me to that happy place.  Music really does heal the soul and mine needed more healing then I knew.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Almost 2 years

June marks 2 years since I gave up Caffeine and yes it was hard that first year and I wanted to quit (Lord Dr. Pepper practically sang to me) but since I have quit I see a huge difference.  I don't get the caffeine headache withdraws anymore.  Ya it is harder when we go out places and most restaurants have soda and they look at you funny when you order water but my body thanks me for the change.  I lost 40 pounds last year and feel healthier then I have in years.   I'm teaching the girls you don't need soda and you can be just fine eating better instead of just crap.