Sunday, April 14, 2013

#88 Get Zee a library card when she turns 5

She was so excited to be able to get her OWN library card and check out books on her card.

#99 Compliment a Stranger

I've done this one a few times and have gotten the same response, thankful but a little shocked a stranger would talk to them.  Still getting used to this "Northern" response. 

#20 Wear earrings and necklace when I leave the house for 60 days

It's become easier to remember to put on some nice earrings and a necklace now when I head out of the house. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#61 Write Letter to Kyrie to open when Challenge Over

Once I sat down and got started the letter was easy to write.  I tried not to make it too long so it is over a page.  I have written the girls letters before but when they were babies to open when they are 18.  So this was different having a shorter turn around.  Now to work on Zee's letter.