Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Birthday Time

Birthday Time is upon us once again.  Kyrie picked her theme and now I am scrambling trying to make it happen because she can never find a theme they sell anywhere.  So I busted out the Cricut and made up some invitations that look like her Hip Hop shoes for dance only in Pink and Black Zebra print because what else would she have.  Then I have been waiting on the punch I ordered from Amazon to show up so I could make some bottle cap necklaces for favors, to go along with the fishnet fingerless gloves and the sunglasses we picked up.  And that will complete favors.  I still have to order the cake, make the banner and print up a few decorations but we are going fairly low key this year since she is having her party at the Dance Studio.
Ten has brought along a whole new world of changes she now wants to FaceTime her BFF after school and on the weekends.  We are also going through the how far can I push phase and she is not coming up with answers she likes.  But nothing has changed so she will quickly realize she is still expected to clean her room, do her homework before anything else and so on.
Seth's gift showed up and he already opened it and loves it.  It is so very fitting of him.  It's a hoodie from Dysfunctional Vet that says "Leave Me Along".  I couldn't have found him a better gift.