Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scenterific Tuesday

So I went with two old favorites for this week.  Upstairs I have Go-Go-Goji which is back in the catalog.  An exotic blend of tart Chinese goji berry, sweet lotus flowers, and ripe, warm dewberries.  I'm so glad it came back it's such a nice berry smell.  And downstairs I am warming Green Tea Smoothie that I so hope they bring back with the BBMB (Bring Back My Bar) smells that come out in July.  We should know on the 1st what the BBMB smells are, so be on the look out for a post about that.

We started going through stuff and so far have come up with a box for the garage sale.  We still have a ton left to do but the weather has not been our friend through the whole thing.  We need to take more "staying" boxes to storage so I can get to more stuff to go through.  I also have been working on owls for my Aunt.  They are all cut out now I just have to glue them all together then mail them off.  Then I need to start working on the cuts for Megan and Janelle and I have owls to make for a friend because after seeing the ones for Teresa she wanted some for her daughter's room.

We got the closet doors down in Kyrie's room now we just need curtains and a pole to hang them up for a new door.  Seth patched the hole behind the door, he just needs to sand it then we are ready for the first round of painting.  We have a soft white picked out for the base coat before we sponge on the pink and do the trim in the black.  Then it will be time for the fancy stuff and I just can't wait for all the extra's.  We are going to put her furniture on layaway at the end of the month, along with looking for the curtain/closet door stuff.  I also have an idea I got from my friend Alayna for this awesome photo section.  I also need to find some things for Zee's wall and we have to get rid of the couch and her room is ready to go.  Then it will be time to start getting the hallway, kitchen and living room ready for painting.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let the Cleaning Begin

We got started on our Spring Cleaning today and took some stuff to storage, gathered some stuff up for garage sale and rearranged the living room.  It is so nice and open and it looks like there is tons more space.  We still have a ton to do in the basement but at least we have gotten started and that is always a plus. 

So the warmers were changed yesterday and I put Sandalwood and Cranberries upstairs (it's a BBMB (Bring Back My Bar) scent) and it's so wonderful.  And downstairs I put Wishing Well.  It was way too strong and I had to empty out the warmer and change it before I could sleep because it was so perfumey.  So I put in White Tea and Cactus and it was so calming after the headache I had and then coming down to a ton of perfumey things with Wishing Well did not mix well.

Hopefully the rest of the week we can get more of the basement done and stuff set aside to have a garage sale.  Then we can start with the work to Kyrie's room.  We have a hole to patch, then we are painting white, then sponging pink throughout the room then doing the trim in black.  We also got curtains to put up and are going to take the closet doors down and replace those with curtains.  Then Kyrie's room will be all done except for she needs new furniture.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's that Scent?

So I figured I would try something new to help me blog more.  I change out the warmers every Monday and thought I would blog about what I think of them on Tuesday.  So here it goes.

Upstairs I am warming Pomatini ~  Pomegranate and grapefruit tonic, effervescent soda bubbles, and fresh berries.
 It's a very floral type smell when you first put it in.  As the scent starts to work it's way down it's a very lovely romantic type of smell.  And such a major contrast to the smell from downstairs Amber Road ~ Open a box of treasure, hand-picked from exotic lands, to discover glowing red cedar and resinous incense.

And for the month of May all Amber Road products are 10% off.  I love this scent.  It's a wonderful manly type smell that is comforting and cozy.

And remember all commission made for this month will be donated to victims of the tornado's in Alabama.  So stop on by my website and check out what is new and Scentsy up your rooms!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scentsy For A Cause

For the month of May I will be donating all commissions made to benefit the tornado victims in Alabama.  So if you want to do something to help make a difference go check out my website and get yourself some Scentsy and know that not only did you get an amazing product but you also helped people by doing it.

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