Monday, July 29, 2013

#65 Have a Tea Party with the Girls

 The girls and I have been doing Tea Parties a lot more often lately.  We used real tea (thankfully I have caffeine free) and I put some sugar in a container too along with a pitcher of water just in case.

#1 Visit with my Mom and Brother

My Mom, Brother and Shannon came up for Seth and I to renew our vows and my 30th Birthday.  It was the best having them here even though it was only for a few days and taking them to the airport was one of the hardest things I have done in a long time.  I didn't want to let them go.  Being this far away from them has taken a huge toll on me emotionally.  I know my Mom and I were not the closest people but that relationship grew over the years.  Being here has only made me realize even more how close we have become.  I want nothing more then to be able to go back to our Sunday dinner's, weekday lunches, special Halloweens with the girls, and all the other things we did.

#91 Finish Birthday/Anniversary Binder

I got the idea to do this awhile ago and did half of it then set it down and never picked it back up.  So I added it to my list so I could get it done and actually use it.  Here is my blog post on my craft blog about it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#58 List of 100 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Snuggle time with Zee
  2. Kyrie reading
  3. The girls getting along
  4. Reading
  5. Date Nights with Seth
  6. Playing video games with Seth
  7. Being on the Road (Road Trips)
  8. Scrapbooking
  9. Hugs from the girls
  10. Seeing the girls smile
  11. Hearing the girls say "Roll Tide"
  12. Talking to my Mom
  13. Kyrie helping me by cleaning her room
  14. Movie time with the girls
  15. Church
  16. Volunteering
  17. Mondays
  18. Crafts with the girls
  19. Talking to Austin
  20. Relaxing Baths
  21.  New Chapstick
  22.  Helping the girls do things they can't
  23.  Sunshine
  24.  Comfy socks
  25.  New Purse
  26.  Hugs
  27.  Love
  28.  My Family
  29.  My Friend Family
  30.  Sharing from my childhood with the girls
  31.  Puppies
  32.  Scentsy smells
  33.  Chick-fil-a
  34.  Chinese food
  35.  Blue
  36.  Kermit
  37.  Stitch
  38. Summer
  39.  Library
  40.  Writing
  41.  List Making
  42.  Music
  43.  Decorating
  44.  Rearranging the house
  45.  A Clean House
  46.  My Mink Blanket
  47.  Snoopy
  48.  Pinterest
  49.  Dr. Seuss
  50.  The girls Artwork
  51.  The South
  52.  Lemonade
  53.  Crickler
  54.  Sudoku
  55.  Organization
  56.  my Grandparents
  57.  Great Quotes
  58.  pajamas
  59.  old pictures
  60.  genealogy
  61.  Tea Parties
  62.  Retro Clothes
  63.  Sparkles
  64.  Watching Kyrie do her homework
  65.  Scooby Doo
  66.  Healthy Girls
  67.  New Bath and Body Works Hand Soap
  68.  Craft Stores
  69.   Suprises
  70. Colorful daisies
  71. book club
  72.  women's group at Church
  73.   fun pirates
  74.  ballet
  75.  cartoons
  76. Children laughing
  77.  Watching the girls sleep
  78.   mommy and daughter dates
  79.  loosing weight
  80. being grateful
  81. being appreciated
  82. notes from Kyrie
  83. chihuahuas 
  84. crafting
  85. writing
  86. Zee with her doll
  87.  The Girls at Church
  88.  Kyrie with her Nook
  89.  Zee talking about missing Nana
  90.   Plays
  91.  Shoes
  92.  Creativity
  93.  Day trips
  94.  Yoga
  95. Boxing
  96.  The Bloggess and her Blog
  97.  Seth's cooking
  98.  The girls love of learning
  99.  My Mom's apple pie
  100. Hidden Object Games

#15 Do Something Big Before I Turn 30

So my something BIG is being more healthy.  I have been working on this and not making a big deal out of it.  And I have already noticed differences!!!