Monday, June 16, 2014

School's Out for Summer

So I am determined that the girls have so much fun this summer they can't call it a Bummer Summer. Kyrie and I watched Judy Moody's Bummer Summer movie at the end of last summer and she asked if we could do a Summer List thing.  Well this mom remembered and with a little help from Pinterest I rocked out a nice "Not A Bummer Summer List"

Go Camping
Play Freeze Tag
Swimming at 5 Different Pools
Kids Workshop (Lowes or Home Depot)
Random Acts of Kindness
Favorite Swimming Pool
Go on a Hike
Backyard Campout
Make Snow Cones
Outdoor Concert
Puppet Show
Sidewalk Chalk Masterpieces
Frozen Yogurt
Outdoor Movie
Have Ice Cream
Visit a Waterfall
Dance in the Rain
Mad Libs
Play Night Games
Paper Airplane Contest
Glowing Bubbles
Make Giant Bubbles
Mom/Daughter Make-overs
Water Balloon Fight
Build Blanket Fort
Lemonade Stand
Berry Picking
Make Bouncy Balls
Talent Show
Go for a Picnic
Make Hair Bows
Kids Science Projects
Paint Rocks
Go to the Movies
Jump Rope
Fly a Kite
Visit Lake
Mini Golfing
Sock Bubbles
Grateful Journals
Visit Beach
Baseball Game
Bake and Decorate a Cake
Make flower necklaces/crowns
Make Smores
Bike Ride
Bake Brownies
Picking Wildflowers
Tie-Die T-Shirt
Have a Dance Party
Sponge Ball War
Science Fun
Visit 3 Museums
Photo Scavenger Hunt
Board Games
Family Sing-along
DIY Spa Day
Make Jell-O Jigglers
Storytime Out of the House
Hula Hoop
Visit a Historical Site
Make Flat Stanley
Make & Share a Dessert
Go to a Farmer’s Market
Dry-Erase Faces
Go Fishing
Visit the Pet Store
Make a Movie/Commercial
Doll Picnic
Roll Down a Hill
Go to the Park
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Make Popsicles 
Visit a State Landmark
Show kids a favorite movie from our childhood
Melt Ice Cubes on Pavement 
Plant Something
Build a Sandcastle 
Feed Ducks
Run Through Sprinklers
Take a Day Trip
Learn a Dance
Try a New Recipe
Family Movie Night
Bug Collecting
Go Back to School Shopping
Go for a Hike
Catch Fireflies
Pick Flowers
Swim in a Lake
Play Cards
Thumb Wrestle
Blow Bubbles
Visit the Library
Fold Origami
Take Pictures 
Sing a Song
Have a “No Talking” Contest
Use the Easy Bake Oven
Sand Art
Make Shadow Puppets
Play Hopscotch
Have a Tea Party
Crayon Melting
Draw with Sidewalk Chalk
Do a Puzzle
Find a 4-Leaf Clover
Shrinky Dinks
Daddy/Daughter Make-overs
Play Dress Up
Play “I Spy”
Play Tag
Start a Nature Journal
Get a Pet Rock
Walk the Dog
Video Performance
Write a Pen Pal
Play with a box
Play with Clay
Pajama Movie
A. C. Moore Kids Craft
Climb a Tree
Make Homemade Cards
Book Box
Rock Paper Scissors
Go on a Pirate Treasure Hunt (Geocaching)
Box Cars/Drive in Movie
Throw a Ball
Learn about new Plants or Insects
Build with Legos
Write Love Notes
Use a Microscope
Write letters/cards/art and mail them to a Loved One
National Park
Go Cloud Watching
Paper Dolls
Take Photos in a  Photo Booth
L. L. Bean
Take Stuff to the Animal Shelter
Make a Root Beer Float
Have Chocolate Fondue Snack
Field Hockey Camp
Make a Summer Reading List
Botanical Gardens
Make Friendship Bracelets
Art Camp
Get a Manicure
Make a Fairy Garden
Spend Time at Camp
Soccer Camp
Get a Pedicure
Build-a-Book (Lithgow)
Play Pirates
Vacation Bible School
Take a Walk
Do a Science Experiment
Make Invisible Ink & Write with It
Press Flowers
Make Sun Tea
Collect Seashells
Make Trail Mix
Shuck Corn
Walk Along the Shore
Write Name in the Sand
Library Reading Program
Barnes and Noble Reading Program
Finger Paint
Skip Rocks
Take Scenic Drive
Eat Watermelon
Lie in Grass
Blow on Dandelion
Go to Kids Day
Go to Festival
Watch Parade 
Roast Marshmallow
Have a Bonfire 
Chase Butterflies 
Help with a Project 
Math Work
Go to the Donut Shop for Breakfast
Write a Story
Play with Playdough 
Tour a Historic Home or Site 
Make a Smoothie
Go see the Ocean
Go to the YMCA
I also made up bucket for the last day of school.  Which worked out great because some of our craft stuff was extra low and I got a great deal on Tie Die Stuff.  So with a new bucket each, two shirts to tie die, new paints and paint brushes, crayons and canvas to melt, mad libs, sand art, shrinky dinks, glow lights, new workbooks and of course a new book to start the summer out with.  Kenzie is already reading through it by herself with minimal help.
So Summer is off to a great start and I found a fun reading bingo challenge for the girls with tickets for prizes and a golden ticket for blackout.  I also started a chain for each girl that they can add books too as they read them this summer.  I hope this keeps the Summer Slide from happening in our house and bonus the girls love the ideas and don't  think of them as "work" but as fun.