Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Relay Week

Yep it's that time of year again.  I love relay and I'm going to do this even if my ankle is still throbbing.  I fell while doing the Girl Scout garage sale and twisted my ankle and the freaking thing isn't better yet.  Why doesn't it understand I have things to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have a car to make up for a lap for relay, I am so super excited.  I will post pictures when it is done.  Kyrie's last day of school is Friday then she is out for SUMMER!!!  And she will be a first grader, where does the time go, we also find out who her first grade teacher is.  Fingers crossed for a good one!!!!!  I did a garage sale it didn't go as well as planned but it does mean that it will be fewer boxes in the house we just have to take them to goodwill and after this weekend I can start on more of the basement.  I am determined to have it all done before school starts this fall.  Kyrie loves softball and is hitting with NO TEE!  She really is such a big girl and Zee is talking a ton more and is so excited for school for her to start.  She is coming out of her shell a ton more. 

And now to some Scentsy.  Upstairs I am warming Red Candy Apple.  Bursting with tart Macintosh apples, red raspberry jam, sweet red berries and strawberry milk, with notes of brown sugar, taffy and cotton candy.  It reminds me of candy apples oh it smells so yummy.
Downstairs I am warming Peach `a la Mode and first let me say it will make you want to lick the air it smells so good.  And it's such a strong smell I can smell it at the top of the stairs.  Fresh from the orchard, ripe and juicy fruit-stand peaches simmered in sugar and topped with a fluffy dollop of sweet vanilla cream. Yum!

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