Monday, August 8, 2011

Connie Podesta Shapes Personality Test

So Scentsy hired comedian Connie Podesta for convention and it was part of what we got to watch on the live feed.  She does a shapes personality test and I'm a squiggle.  First off it was the shape that when I was looking at them felt most like me so I read about squiggles first.  And the squiggles is so me. 

My favorite group (don’t tell the other shapes I said that!). We squiggles are truly the idea people — always thinking — always coming up with new ideas. The problem is, WE DRIVE EVERYONE ELSE CRAZY! (But do we care? No!) Our minds just work differently, that’s all. We have spent a lifetime dancing to the beat of our own crazy drummer and wouldn’t have it otherwise. Most of us are creative (that’s our word for "crazy"), and we delight in tackling the world head on. We love trying new things, mainly because we get bored so easily, however, we don’t always follow through and finish all those projects.
By the way, congratulations on finding my website because you probably forgot my name and lost the handout with my address on it and had to call a circle or triangle to get the information, so I’m delighted that you finally discovered me!
Squiggles are:
  • Creative
  • High energy
  • Flexible/spontaneous will
  • Easily distracted
  • Often act or speak without thinking
Yep squiggles are so me!  If you want to know what shape you are check out her personality shape test here

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