Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Brave

My Word of the Year (W.O.Y.) for 2012 is BRAVE!!!!!  I am thinking of doing my craft as wood letters with paper and vinyl because out of all the words I have picked in the past this is the one that I think I need the most.  I have to learn to be Brave so I can teach the girls to be brave too.  We are over the hump of signing up with the Caregiver program now it's just getting done the things we need to get done before our next home visit in March (not a lot of time for slow steps thankfully not too much is needed).  I picked Brave after seeing a quote posted onto one of the PTSD/TBI people/organizations I follow. 

I know this is not where I thought my life would be at 30, but this is where I am so I need to learn to be Brave with it and strive on.  I am having a hard time with admitting we need help, and working on not being so stressed out.  I am tired of sitting on the sidelines in our life, now is the time to get out and do what needs to be done.  I am not excepting NO, anymore I am going to find the things we need to make our family better.  Almost three years ago we were thrown for the biggest loop we have faced, now we are working on ways to beat and deal with what we were dealt from it all.  It might not be what we dreamed it would be but it is what we got so I am going to make the most of it.  Now I just have to start facing the problems we have head and and not back away because I am too afraid of admitting we need help. 

I also see a Disney Movie on my To Watch with the kids list, it is perfectly named BRAVE, Disney must have known I needed a movie about my Word!

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