Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've been working on getting the office done and organized.  It is cleaned and I have pulled out 4 bags of trash from clearing everything out.  Poor room was just having all kinds of crap piled in there because I was working on part of the basement.  Which has become a lost cause by the way it is way too much work of one person and when I get no help I can't do it.  But back to the office, I moved out the stuff that didn't belong in there, rearranged to maximize the room and started working on organizing my scrapbook stuff and my Scentsy stuff.  Scentsy is done, and all I have left from my scrapbook stuff is my albums.  I have been working on getting pages into albums, adding page protectors and trying to figure out what all needed to be added to catch up with my books.  I also need some more albums I thought I had enough but nope.  I will try and get what I have into books though.  I also need to start working on Christmas albums, and making out cards for next month, plus making our Christmas card list and deciding who will get a regular card and who will get a photo card.
Girl Scout stuff has started up we have our first meeting tomorrow, and Zee has her first dance class tomorrow too.  I have a PTC meeting at Kyrie's school tonight I am determined to be more involved.  So I am doing what needs to be done to get there.  I so miss my Mae Steven's family it was so much more volunteer friendly there.   Kyrie will start dance next week, craziness here we come.

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