Monday, September 19, 2011

Love of a Lifetime

My Granny and Grandpa had a Love Story Life people wish for.  She loved him even after he was gone and would have told you to the end she was still married to the same guy.  Growing up I knew I wanted that, that kind of love.  I'm sure they had there problems everyone does but there love held them together even through nine children (seriously would a driven a lesser person crazy, and it might of her who knows).  But it was that Love that I remember the strongest.  My Grandpa passed when I was little and I still remember the way her face light up when she talked about him.  I am so happy that I have that love with Seth.  We were two crazy kids that found something few people ever do and knew from the start it was something you could only wish for.  There is no believing I know Seth is my soul mate, no one could ever explain otherwise. Then almost two years after getting married we got pregnant with Kyrie and I didn't know it was possible to have so much love in you.  She was the skinniest long little thing and she was this wonderful thing our love made.  Our love fought odds and overcame things that still amazes.  We got pregnant for the second time with Zee after being told we couldn't for three more years.  Then one faithful phone call blew down the walls of our house and showed us what being strong and supporting each other truly was.  You never fully understand how strong you are till being strong is the only thing you do know.  We have fought to rebuild, cope and survive with what we were dealt and strive on.  We know that no matter what else we have what makes it important we have a love to span time, distance and generations.  I wake up ever day thankful God let me keep him, and for bringing him into my life in the first place.  No one can take from us what we have done and what we have made for ourselves and our family.  Remember always LOVE, HONOR and ANNOY FOREVER!!!!!!! 

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