Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dream Big, Hope Big, Relay Big

This weekend I spent time in Springfield Massachusetts attending a Relay for Life Summit.  One if you are not involved in a Relay you should be, there is no good answer for Why NOT!!!!  I hope for a world that is Cancer free and Relay is helping make that happen.  It was such an empowering experience to listen to these people talk about battling cancer, relaying, making a difference.  I was moved to tears on a number of occasions.  Cancer has hit my family, my friends, it's a burden but I refuse to sit by and do nothing.  So I Relay, Kyrie Relay's, Seth Relays and when she gets bigger Zee will Relay.  To feel so empowered by others actions and moved by  feelings and thoughts.  I am a Mom, and I am a Relayer!!!!!!

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