Friday, February 1, 2013


Today is a new day let the worries of yesterday was off of you, I will not let the people who want to bring me down win!  I am STRONG, I have been through things you can not even imagine and I have come out on top, I might be scarred but it makes me who I am.  I learned who belongs in my life and who doesn't.  I refuse to be treated like I have been, I deserve better and I have finally accepted that those people do not belong in my life how many chances I give them.  To bring me to tears because you treat me like garbage ninety percent of the time and because you thing think that because ten percent of the time you treat me right does not make it right.  You are nothing to me, and I will no longer let you bring me down.  I deserve better and I will have better.  I am tired of being treated badly and I will no longer accept it, if you can not treat me and my children with the respect and love we deserve don't bother.  It may not bother Seth but I will not accept it.  VENT OVER!!!!

JUST REMEMBER 159 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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