Thursday, October 24, 2013

#24 Watch at least 33 Movies I Have Not Seen

  1. He's Just Not That Into You
  2. Unicorn City
  3. A Bag of Hammers
  4. Red Riding Hood
  5. Public Enemies
  6. J. Edgar Hoover
  7. Hansel and Gretel Warriors of Witchcraft 
  8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2
  9. Pirates of the Carribean on Stranger Tides
  10. The Invention of Lying
  11. Pretty in Pink
  12. Charlie Bartlett
  13. Zoolander
  14. Ted
  15. This is the End
  16. Hangover 2
  17. From Hell
  18. Dylan Dog and the Dead of Night
  19. Bad Teacher
  20. Snow White and the Huntsman
  21. Rum Diaries
  22. The Witches of Oz
  23. The Great and Powerful Oz
  24. The Adventures of Tin Tin
  25. Noobz
  26. John Dies at the End
  27. Shoot the Hero
  28. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
  29. The Crow 
  30. A Haunted House
  31. Zack and Miri Make A Porno
  32. One for the Money
  33. The Blind Side 
 Making this list made me realize how much I don't take the time to watch movies for Me and how far behind I am on watching movies.  So I am going to keep working on catching up on movies.

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