Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Little Faith in Me

So as I sat in the ER with Seth (he was getting out his stitches) a man walked in who you could tell was seriously in pain.  I took a moment out of my day and prayed for this stranger.  That simple act made a impact on my soul.  The man might not even have known I did it, but that doesn't matter.  I believed in what I was doing and took a moment and let Faith lead me. 

Then when we were done we stopped by the grocery store to pick up something for dinner and I had a whim to walk through the hair dye isle and I found Lusty Lavender.  So we got it and brought it home, even though it is more Pink then Purple I had Faith in me this was the right decision to make.  This one simple thing made me feel more like me then I have in years.  I felt like I lost me, I lost who I was and who I always wanted to be.  I don't want to fit into someone's mold for me, I want to be ME!!!!  And this one simple decision made me feel like that person I have missed so deeply again.

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