Friday, January 4, 2013

A LONG day

We had Kyrie's evaluation this morning so we had to be at school for our meeting at 7:50.  Then it was go go go since.  Seth did a photo shoot this afternoon, I worked for two hours and Kyrie had hip hop tonight.  I got my first taste of Scary Icy Roads tonight thankfully I didn't hit anything.  On the way to dance class I hit an ice spot and the car wouldn't stop but I swerved into some snow and missed the car in front of me.  Kyrie just asked when we were faced the wrong way, apparently she missed the whole Scary deal.   I did figure out some information on Kyrie's reading level and I am going to get her set up with a Genre challenge of her own.  I see a library trip in our future.  We have to drive out to Rockland in the morning since that is where the UPS office is so I am off to watch some Harry Potter with Kyrie.  We are up to the 4th movie.  We are also going to switch off and read the books, she is beyond excited.

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