Monday, November 4, 2013


It's amazing to see what motivation can do.  I have been working hard this year on loosing the weight I gained from moving to Maine, on taking off the pregnancy weight from both girls and trying to reach my healthy weight.  I have been making progress with a little set back at first but with encouragement from Seth, I got through the upset that came with gaining muscle when I was trying to take off weight.  I have come to see the people who care notice and help.  Little things make a huge difference.  I saw a friend yesterday that I haven't seen in about a month and she told me I was the incredible shrinking woman.  The people at Church have noticed the difference and always have encouragement and support for me through my struggle.  I get that it is my battle, no one can fight it for me.  That I have to do it myself but it's nice having support in my corner to help me get there.  Seeing the difference just from July is overwhelming.  In July my Mom bought me a shirt and I needed to take it back but never got around to taking it back.  Just to see I tried it on and now it fits.  It is absolutely astounding how many people try and hurt you along your path to a better you.  Who constantly try and break you.  It's crazy how those people call themselves your family.  But I am working on getting over the fact that some people just suck.  They can't seem to be accepting of something that is different from them, they can't build you up even if you build them up.  I'm okay with it now or trying to be.  I have spent too long crying over people who don't deserve to have me be a part of their lives in the first place, so now I am letting it go along with my weight and emerging better for it all.

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