Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Be the Change

I like many other parents are teaching my girls all kinds of things they need to learn.  I think the most important thing I am trying to  teach them is not to judge a person by how they look.  I think this is something our society seriously lacks at.  Just because someone is different doesn't mean they are not a great person. In my quest to teach them this I have once again gone blue.  Not all the way like last  time since I didn't bleach my hair again I just  worked with what I already had.
So if they know me on the inside and see that my blue hair doesn't change who I am hopefully they will go out and look for the same in other people instead of judging them based upon what makes them different.

I have first hand experience how something so simple makes a profound difference.  My Mother says I was the child who thought of no one as a stranger.  I could and would talk to anyone.  In High School this was truly put to the test.  I found a way to try and talk to everyone I encountered (still do) one Friday afternoon I ran into a boy walking the halls he had his bag and hands full of books.  I smiled said hi and proceeded to start up a conversation with him.  After talked for awhile we both went our seperate ways.  On Monday this boy tracked me down and told me his story.  When I ran into him Friday he had just cleaned out his locker because he didn't want to bother his parents with having to do it.  He had planned to go home and kill himself because he felt like no one liked him, a was a waste.  He told me I changed that!  He went home and told his parents what he had planned and how he met a girl at school who had taken the time to talk with him and it made him think differently.  They got him the help he needed.  But that stuck with, I always made time to smile or talk with people I came across especially if other people treated them differently. 
One day when the girls get a little older I will share this story with them so they can BE THE CHANGE!!!!!

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