Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Full House Reading Challenge 2015

I loved doing the Bingo board this year and I don't know if I will black it out but I am two books away.  So when I saw this board over at the Book Date I figured I would try it out for 2015.

1. Library Book
2. Novella
3. Author Outside your own Country
4. Won or Borrowed
5. 2nd book or more in a series ~ Secrets and Lace

1. A top book of 2015 for you
2. Setting that you now want to visit
3. Book by author you really like
4. Book set in Northern Hemisphere
5. Been on your TBR "forever"

1. You heard about the book online
2. Award winning
3. Free choice
4. Debut novel by author
5. Published in 2014

1. Set in the Southern Hemisphere
2.  First in a  series
3. Published 2000-2013
4. Published pre 2000
5. Type of book you rarely or never read

1. Published in 2015
2.  A Keeper
3.  Outstanding Hero or Heroine
4. Author new to you
5. You love the cover

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