Friday, January 22, 2016

What a fast two weeks

Wow we made it through another party for Kyrie.  I always feel like I have nine zillion things going on for her party that I don't get much else done.  Then I had a sick little guy so I'm finally getting around to blogging about my Crafty Minion Party Creation and then of course uploading pictures to FB and then updating here.  The little guy and I have been trying out different wraps with our woven and we are loving it. 
 I am trying to convince Seth that Calvin and I need this Natibaby Harry Potter Woven wrap.
Calvin seems to love our Kangaroo time and his face lights up whenever he sees our wrap.  Dance continues on and seems to be filling more of our time up.  Kyrie will be performing in a few short months at a basketball game.  And is getting in extra rehearsals for it.  She also has another band concert coming up so we hear lots of flute music around the house.  Good thing it's the flute and isn't too loud and that she is good at it.  Zee is looking for other activities to fill up her time she badly wants back into Girl Scouts (we told her in the fall because it is on dance night now) and she is also interested in bowling club.  We have to look into that today when we pick her up and make sure we don't have a time conflict.  My little babies are growing up and I'm not sure I'm as ready for it as they seem to be.

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