Sunday, December 29, 2013


So this took me longer then it has ever.  I did have a vague idea of what I wanted but couldn't find the word I wanted for it because "me" just wasn't the word I wanted.  This past year I have seen a major change in myself in a short amount of time.  I have lost 42 pounds, that's a serious amount of weight but it doesn't make me where I want to be.  It did show me though how much I have lost myself since we have moved to Maine.  So with that my Word of the Year (W.O.Y.) for 2014 is EMPOWER!!!!!

 I am thinking that this is the year for wooden blocks now it will be finding them if not I will have to find something different. I want to EMPOWER myself to find Me again!  To get myself closer to my weight goal and make better choices for myself.  To find my happy inside me again and not this funk I have been in.  I want to EMPOWER myself to bring back my creativity and make time for the things I love doing again. 

I know becoming a Mom, and a Caregiver have pushed my onto the back burner, but the longer I let it go the harder it is going to be to try and find me again.  I have lost sight of what is important to me and what makes me who I am.  So that lead to my thinking of my 2014 word needing to revolve around ME.  But me being me I couldn't just choose me because it didn't feel right.  I needed something that called to me as MY word, my strength through the fight to find me.  I needed a word that could bring me to my core and help me rebuild what has been broken and lost.  I needed a word that made me feel strong and that I could accomplish this, I could find me again and be happy with myself.  And with that it came to me, I needed to EMPOWER myself to find the change to bring me back.  So with that I will find myself amongst all the chaos and retrieve what has been lost and broken to rebuild the new Empowered Me!!!!

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