Monday, February 28, 2011


Project 365

Tomorrow I am going to start a new thing called project 365. It's where I will take a picture every day for a year it was the an idea one of the girls I scrap with online got from Becky Higgins. So starting tomorrow I am going to start taking a photo and blogging about it of something everyday in my life. I was good at taking a zillion of Kyrie everyday during Seth's last deployment so this shouldn't be too hard. The blogging about it thing might kick my butt though. But there is always catch up.

The Girls Christmas

Both girls had a wonderful Christmas. Kenzie woke up at 5:30 and was ready to start the day we let Kyrie sleep till 6 before Kenzie just couldn't wait any longer. While Kyrie opened her girls Kenzie tried to eat my webcam. She had to taste the gifts and try the wrapping paper.

A few minute in a long list of cleaning

So I have one spot in the living room to shampoo again the girls spilled two bottles. One Kyrie spun the bottom off of, she didn't realize what she was doing and it fell all over Kenzie and the floor. And the second I caught Kenzie with upside down shaking it. She was trying to eat the bottom of it in her defense. So I have to do that. Tidy up because Kyrie has been playing in here and I have had my brother today and then clean the kitchen and put away laundry. I am almost done cleaning the garage. Which I am unclear as to how I ended up being the one to clean the garage but should have figured. I do have it set up nice so who knows what Seth's plans are for it once he gets ahold of it. But in my free moments of breaks I did make a picture of Seth and I altered. I made a Merry Christmas thing and I made a picture of Seth and Kyrie altered.

Busy little bee

So I made my to do list out for the rest of the month and boy is it long. I have gotten a lot done though I have shampooed the rest of the hallway, Kenzie's room and the living room that only leaves our room and Kyrie's room. I got laundry washed the girls bathroom cleaned and my MIL's calendar the only month I have left is November. Of course Kyrie takes great pride in destroying a room just as soon as I can get it cleaned. Tomorrow I have my brother and have to go to the parmacy which should be all around fun time, ha. I also have to put things up in the attic and try and get the other side of the garage clean. I think I am deserving of the title Super Mom. I tend to keep busy. Right now I am making "santa" cookies for tomorrow evening. The last set is in the oven and Kyrie thinks she is going to eat them the second they come out not realizing they are HOT. Kenzie doesn't care for having Kyrie home all day. And Kyrie is keeping herself busy by playing with Josie.

Going On's

I have been working on a calendar for my Mother in law for Christmas. I will post it all when I get done so far I have January, February, March, April, May, June, July, October and December done. I still need to do the title page and the date pages and the last three months. I also have a coaster album I need to finish up for her. So let's hope I can get them done. Kyrie is not handling Seth being gone so well this time or maybe it is just her being out of school. Hopefully things will get better once school starts back up next month. Kenzie is truely a Mama's girl and it shows so much I can look at her from across a room and she will come as quick as she can go to get to me. She is a moving and a going she loves standing up and walking along the sides of things. She also dances.


Since I am finally updating this thing.

Kenzie: She is so big, she is walking holding on to things and has gotten fast with crawling. She has preferences on what she wants and when she wants it. She knows her routine and if we don't stick to it she gets angry. She got to see Seth and loved him, thankfully she is still a Momma's Girl but at least she wasn't scared of him.

Kyrie: Just finished her first semester of pre-k, She loves her teacher, friends and school in general. We have some things to work on but it can be expected since she is 3. She is constantly on the go and busy as can be. She loves her Daddy and misses him like crazy. It's a true test of how she is doing since she didn't freak when she realized he had gone back to work. She is growing and yes she would rather him be here (we all would) it's nice her understanding he has to work and be a HERO.

The house is coming along smoothly, I have some stuff to do in the garage and put some things in the attic. I have the washer set up and am waiting on the dryer, right now we are doing the whole clothes line thing. Of course there are still little things that need to be done to get it the way we want it but in time those will come.

Seth and I are doing good, we had a nice visit. Sadly that is what we have to call it with his work. Kyrie and I are testing how far we can push each other and it's not going well for either of us. Seth loved the house, which was nice but I liked it and didn't care what he thought. I am dog sitting for two weeks and absolutely love her. She is a great dog and so loving. She just lays by me and follows me around while I do my chores.

Pages and crafts

So since I missed posting all of the things I have done I'll post them now. My Aunt's 60th Birthday is next month and they are making her some type of scrap book. My cousin mailed my Mom two pages for her to do and well Mom's not crafty so I ended up doing them.

I also made Chocolate Chip Cookie jars for Kyrie's teacher and Aide for Christmas.

I did a layout of Kenzie in the tub and I am working on a calendar for my MIL for Christmas so hopefully I can get that done this month

Angry Vent

I know it's been awhile since I last blogged and I will blog about life and all of that later. Right now I have to vent.

I am an ARMY wife, I knew what I was getting into when I married Seth. We choose to stay with this together. I don't moan and whine because his job is too hard or it takes him away. That would be of no use to anyone. We have to accept what life has dealt us and learn how to deal with it. Right now he has to be deployed that's part of the Military life. So here is my rant. I am tired of the wives who moan and complain about how hard they have it and how they are being treated unfair. How there husbands are being mistreated because the company has to stay late for training. What the hell is wrong with these women, do they want there hubbys to go into a WAR ZONE because that is what it is unprepared. That is how accidents happen when you have lazy guys who only joined for the free medical or whatever, that don't give to craps about there job so they say that they are being treated unfair. They are just little boys who don't think the rules don't apply to them. I have had it with wives who think the Army is out to get there hubby and then get pissed off when there Soldier is given a little extra responsibility and they have to take on more work or work later. To get ahead you have to do work and do it right, the Military is no different. So suck it up and get over yourselves.

I know I have had some bad days and this isn't directed at the wives that have a few bad days this is for the ones who think that every day is another bad day just because things don't go the way THEY want them too.

A day in the life of Crazy

Let's see what all is going on with little Miss Kenzie. She is pulling herself up and is more vocal. Still nothing more then saying Da da though. Maybe there is hope for her being a Momma's Girl, Kyrie said Momma before Da da. She is also very sneaky trying to steal Kyrie's food whenever she isn't looking. And pulling Kyrie's hair when she makes her mad. She is cutting a tooth I can feel it but there but it hasn't come through yet. Lord is it taking forever.

Well the child is so Seth in a smaller version. Lord help me, for what I am going to have to deal with as she gets older. She is so mouthy and thinks she knows everything again so Seth. She is doing great in school at home is another story all together though. She has a ton of friends. She loves her teacher and can't wait for Friday when she gets to go see Peter Pan. I have noticed how she hangs out with the older girls instead of the ones her age. I think it might be a height issue. Her two favorite hobbies are annoying me and bothering her sister.

I have been busier then all get out. I have been going through stuff for a garage sale at the end of the month. I have four boxes of stuff so far and I am still not done going through stuff. I have been emptying out the storage unit so we don't have to bother with it anymore. I put a whole lot of stuff up in the attic. I have also been writing a book in whatever few moments I can manage to squeeze away for myself, few as they maybe. Kyrie has taken to destroying the house seconds after I get it clean. And to add to it now I have to help Austin with his school because he is failing yet again. Apparently I don't have enough going on in my life I have to add more to it.

Busy Busy Me

Well it's been a busy few weeks.  I am almost done with the house, I only have our room left to do.  I feel like I never stop cleaning.  But on the good side the office is finally done and that is a huge load off my chest.  Kyrie is doing amazing in school.  Her teacher loves her.  I had a parent teacher conference this morning to discuss a test that Kyrie took that she did amazing on.  And she let me know how she is making friends and how the kids all seem to love her too.  Which makes me feel tons better about her being there.  Now if Kyrie had her way she would go every day.  Kenzie is being a pain, only because she is cutting teeth pretty bad and they seem to be bothering the hell out of her.  She had her first pancake this morning well a small piece of one of Kyrie's mini pancakes.  She was in Heaven she loved it.  She tries unsuccessfully every morning to get them and this morning I decided I would rip her off a piece and let her try.  Now she is going to work harder at stealing them away from Kyrie.  Kyrie had picture day yesterday she managed to come home with her hair mostly still intact so hopefully the pictures come out good.  Over  the weekend I took the girls to Sears and had there pictures done.  I was very disappointed in the girl that took them.  The pictures came out ok but the girl was very rude and pushy.  I don't think we are going to go back there again.  So now that's pretty much all the picture places we have decided not to go to.  I will have to start looking into getting a good camera and Seth and I doing them ourselves.  He loves that idea.
We had family come in and visit this weekend.  Which was nice, but I have had to spend this week re-cleaning up after Kyrie's fun this weekend.  I have Kyrie working on her letters and the teacher says if I send the papers in with her to school she will get stickers for them, which Kyrie will absolutely love.  


It has been crazy to say the least around here.  Kyrie started pre-K on the 25th of August.  McKenzie started crawling and she said Da Da.  I finished Kenzie's room, finally and I got one side of the garage almost unpacked.  I have gotten a huge chunk of the office done.  I need to think of a way to decorate our bedroom.  I have no idea what to do, but isn't that the way it goes.  Kenzie is ready for the next size up car seat, she is just so long.  


I have been busy the past week I have been taking a class and babysitting.  I am almost done painting Kenzie's room.  All I have to do is paint around the top of the wall where the roller couldn't get and down where the walls meet and Kenzie's room is painted.  I have also started working on the office slowly but surely I am making progress.  I need more arms or something I don't have anywhere near enough.  Kenzie is cutting teeth again pretty bad.   She has been eating really well and seem to be just like her big sister with a fondness for any food you stick in front of her face.  She is such a happy baby, she smiles and giggles so much.  Kyrie is getting anxious waiting for school to start.  Next week I am going school clothes shopping so that will be an adventure in itself.  We went to the library today and she got two Horton books.  She was so excited to know that her "Horton" Grandma Eggy got her has his own books.  Then tonight I gave her three Oreos, she broke a piece off for me so I could have some since there were none left.  Some times she truly amazes me with how kind she is.  She looked up at me after breaking the cookie and handed me the piece she had broken off, and at that moment so looked so angelic and wholesome.  I gave her a huge hug, thanked her and gave her a kiss. It's moments like that, that make me realize that Seth and I are good parents and we are doing something right with her.  I also got one card made and 5 layouts.

Busy Day

So I had an early start this morning, and I will have another early morning for the next two weeks which is good it will prepare me for getting Kyrie up and ready for school.  This morning I got up and made my bed, cleaned Kyrie's room, finished putting my book shelf together, did the dishes, got Kyrie up and fed, got Kenzie fed all before noon.  Then I started working on painting Kenzie's room.  It's a pink color called April love.  I made out my August Goals so hopefully I can get them all done.5 Layouts any book start cleaning up the office and garage
Paint Kenzie's room
Alter a notebook
Alter the box top container
5 cards

5 layouts in my book I am remaking

5 layouts in my friend's baby book
Make a 6X6 album
Do my pages for the Memorial Album so it's done and I can start working on the next one
5 layouts
Hang the rest of the pictures up on the walls
Start waking up earlier
Write at least 4 hand written letters
So let's hope I can get it all done

New things for a new month

I learned that it takes twenty-one days to break or start a new habit so I started this morning making my bed and Kyrie's bed.  Let's hope this starts a new habit.  
I also started cleaning up the house.  I swear I am always cleaning.  I have to touch up some spots in our room then it is completely painted then I can start working on Kenzie's room.  I have to baby sit for the next two week the whole day except for the 5th and 6th and I will just watch them later in the afternoon.  It will be nice Kyrie loves them and they are bigger so they are easier to watch.  Plus I will be able to work on Kenzie's room so hopefully I can get that all done next week.  I can't wait to have the house all together.  I want it all together and done so it's perfect.  


Yesterday was errand day I hate errand day.  Ugh.  There was something good that came out of the day though I went to a friends house to help her come up with prices so she can sell her bows.  She makes the most amazing bows.  The girls love all the ones she has made for both of them.
I also got to pick up my new necklace yesterday it came in.  It came from Premier Designs Jewelry.  It's part of the Tres Pink line and I love it so much.  I have the bracelet too.  I also ventured to Wal-mart and grocery shopped with both girls, scary.  Kenzie had her 4 month appointment.  She is only 11 pounds and 8 oz  my skinny little thing and they said she was 24 and a half inches long.  The doctor also said I need to start feeding her baby food because she is eating so much formula.  So we tried and she ate a whole bowl of mixed cereal and a thing of bananas.  I tried the squash first but she didn't care for it.  She ate the whole thing then looked at me like she wanted more.


I reached my scrap goal for the month 22 layouts and 5 cards.  I am very proud of myself.  Kenzie has her 4 month shots tomorrow and Kyrie is going to spend some time at the CDC which will be good for all of us.  The girls and I played in Kenzie's room for awhile and I gave them there first bath together.  Kenzie wasn't too fond of it she doesn't like to share so much.  Mom came over and watched the girls so I could run to the store.  It is so much quicker to go without them then go with them.  Kenzie hates Wal-mart so much and Kyrie wants to get toys or wants to walk and then can never stay by the cart.  Today has been an ugh day but I guess it's a good thing since tomorrow will be a hectic busy day.  I have to make a dinner for some friends, Kenzie has her four month appointment, and I have to run other errands.  Wish me luck.

What A Tuesday?!?!

So I slept through my alarm this morning thus not waking up in time to make my class.  I really need to work on getting up earlier since Kyrie starts school soon.  So I just made a to do list, talked to Seth, then I got started on painting our room.  I think it needs a second coat though but I at least got the whole thing done and tomorrow I will work on the second coat.  I got the trash out to the curb and dishes washed and put away.  I also managed to squeeze in a few errands.  But not the scrapping I have so wanted to do the last few days.  This weekend I am going to work on the office so I will have my scrap space again and then hopefully I will be able to scrap again.  I also have to pick up the TV from my parents to put in the office.


So on Monday I went and picked up Austin.  Then I took the kids to the library and let them both get a book.  Kyrie was in Heaven she didn't want to leave.  Then I took them to the storage unit I picked up some clothes and the stroller.  Then I took them to meet up with the FRG at Wazoo.  It's this building with all those huge jump houses in there.  There were 8 big ones and one smaller one for toddlers along with some other toys.  We spent five  hours there and Kyrie fell asleep in the car.  She had a blast and when we left she asked when we were going to go back.

Another Day

I put the second coat on the bathroom today.  So now it is completely done.  That's two rooms painted so far.

Kenzie was all smiles and giggles today.  She hates feet pajamas they cover her toes and she doesn't like that.  I put her in some last night and she wiggled her feet out so she could get to her toes.  When she got up this morning she was holding her toes just smiling up at me so proud of what she had accomplished.  She was so interested in Kyrie today.  She touched Kyrie's nose and then Kyrie freaked out.  So Kyrie and I had to have a talk about how she had to be calmer around Kenzie.  

Then I attempted my first butt card today, I am so proud of it.  I got the sketch from Manda and have been wanting to try it for awhile and finally did it today.

I also got a two page layout done to send to Renee for a baby girl book to help raise money for a friend who was affected by the floods in Iowa.


The Girls 7/23

So McKenzie's new favorite toy is her toes.  She can't get enough of them.  She will flip and flop all around until she can get at them exactly how she likes.  She loves our together time before Kyrie wakes up.  She just smiles and giggles until Kyrie gets up then she is ready to go down.  She does like to lay on the floor with Kyrie and watch Noggin, and gets upset if Kyrie isn't giving her enough attention.  So thankfully she has grown out of her not wanting to be around Kyrie phase.  She is also cutting teeth but the worst of it is over for now.  She loves her Eeyore and Pooh and of course her Boston Red Sox Mobile

Kyrie is excited about school for her it can not come soon enough.  Some days I am ready for her to start and other days  I am not ready for her to go at all.  We have gotten all of her stuff already now it's just a waiting game.  And waiting for a three year old is pure torture to her.  Hopefully she will get used to the waiting thing there isn't that much time left till the 25th of August.  She loves playing with her Littlest Pet Shops and doing crafts whenever she can get the chance.

So thinks with the house are going slow but they are at least going.   I have gotten Kyrie's room painted Delicate Bloom, it's a pale purple and I have gotten one coat done in the girls bathroom.  The living room and Kitchen are completely done.  And I am even remembering to water the lawn. 

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