Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Before the Big Switch

Isn't it funny

I've been in a big funk lately one of the people I love dearly is sick and there is nothing I can do.  I can't be there and it's tearing me apart.  I have thrown myself into doing things around the house, playing video games with Seth anything that keeps me from thinking about it.  Here's this woman who loved me, took care of me and introduced me to a culture I would have never had the opportunity to experience without her.  She was such a big part of my life when I think back to my childhood and growing up she is there in almost every memory.  I met my best friend because of her.  The other day I got to skype with her and the look on her face when she saw it was me was priceless.  I remember having those same looks when my mom would tell me I was going to spend the night with her and my Grandpa.  Knowing this woman I love so much is hurting tears me up inside but thinking of her not being here anymore kills me.  I love how when we were talking Kenzie was so excited to see her and talk to her.  The girls love her to pieces, and they have only seen her a handful of times but you just can't help but love her.  She helped me become the person I am today.  She taught me it doesn't matter what others think of you, and a ton of words in Japanese I probably shouldn't have said.  For all of it I love her, I always will.


That about sums up how I've felt lately.  I did get some organizing of stuff done and some papers I needed for my party Friday done.  But other then that I haven't gotten much done.  I have been in a constant state of funk.  I feel like all I have done is clean, clean, sleep and clean.  I really didn't want to spend the rest of my life cleaning but the kids have been crazy because of the weather and trash there rooms in a matter of seconds.  I'm losing my mind with the two of them.  Nothing I do or say is working.  Zee is now sick and Kyrie just can't seem to leave her alone or listen. 

52 Week Challenge: Week 2

Week 2 is what describes you and I think the name of this wine says it all

What I've learned from being a Mom

  1. When children are involved things don't go as planned, deal with it.  It is how it is.
  2. When you have a headache is when they will scream the loudest, fight the hardest and show no signs of stopping.
  3. No matter how much you plan, organize, and stress children wont care what there parties are like as long as they have fun.
  4. Attitude can just spring up over night and they think they are right.
  5. Just because you think it's boring doesn't mean they don't LOVE it to death!!!!

Day #9

Today's challenge is to blog about someone else's writing.  So I am going to blog about the book I have been so engrossed in lately.  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.  I am going to try and do this without giving away too much because I know I have a few friends who want to read it.

I have to say the beginning of the book was boring and I wasn't very thrilled with it but I stuck it out and it started to pick up when they were done discussing all of the trial stuff.  Once Mikael starts working for Henrik the book starts to pick up.  The book is broken up in sections with the days it takes place.  And each day jumps back and forth from Mikael's point of view to Lisbeth.  Mikael must solve a mystery and the process to take him there is a dangerous one he gets too close to another topic and he makes himself a target.  Mikael and Lisbeth then make there way to London to try and unlock the mystery of what happened to Harriet Vanger, only for Lisbeth to be called back to Sweden for an emergency.  So Mikael must continue on alone.  He heads to Australia and solves the mystery.  (I still have more to read but don't want to spoil to much)

Sick Day

I feel like crap, I seriously need my thyroid medicine and now have to wait even longer for it.  The headaches are here every day, the insomnia thankfully hasn't kicked in yet, but my hands feel horrible in tremendous pain bending them is not in the question.  (That's the reason there was no blog yesterday and I got engrossed in my book).  But I don't seem to understand when I am sick why the kids have to act ten zillion times worse.  Screaming, fighting, pulling hair, running the whole sha-bang and for what to see me loose my mind.  I really think that's it. 

Day #8

Today's challenge is on blogging about the stages of growth.  It's a perfect topic for today since it's Kyrie's birthday.

6 years ago today we brought this sweet little girl home from the hospital

5 years ago we had her first birthday via webcam while Seth was doing his second tour in Iraq

4 years ago we entered the stage of "terrible twos" and welcomed home Daddy

3 years ago we got ready to start our first year of pre-K

2 years ago we welcomed home a hurt daddy,  we rocked a second year of pre-k

1 year ago we got ready to start kindergarten, she loved her "Mrs. Watson"

And today we start out the year as a 6 year old


So there's Kyrie's 6 years of growth.

Big News in the World of Little Zee

We had big news yesterday Zee pooped in the potty and then she got a cookie.  She was so excited for the cookie she sat back down again but did nothing.  She wanted another cookie.  I'm just glad my card reader is working today because I tried a zillion times to post this yesterday.  After we picked Kyrie up from school we headed to Portland to do birthday dinner with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Craig.  The girls had a blast.

Day #6

Spotlight someone that you admire or someone that has helped you in life/ business/ school or
someone who would be helpful to your readers.  So there were different people I wanted to do for this for different reasons so I did it up on my crafty blog, and my Seth blog.  But as I sit here thinking who I want to do for this I am drawn back to a special little girl.  She truly is amazing and I am blessed she let me be a part of her life.   Allison is such a wonderful kid.  I don't think anyone who took the time to get to know her doesn't love her.  Allison is a big part of the reason I'm such a supporter of Autism Awareness now.  I have met Autistic kids before her and they were all great kids but none of them dug a place for themselves in my heart like she did.  It wasn't possible for me to have a bad day around her.  She would run down the steps and give me one of those knock you backwards hugs and it made everything go away.  She didn't know she was making my day better all she knew was she wanted a hug.  A child is such an amazing person, autism doesn't change that if anything it might make the childlike wonder we all loose stronger and bring it back out in you.  I'm forever grateful for all the fun, joy and friendship she brought into my life.

It's begining to look a lot like a room

Yep that's right I am almost done with our room.  I have to put the bed skirt on the bed, move a tupperware bin and a bag of stuff, take out the trash and move a scrapbook and the bedroom is done.  I still have the office though but it's getting there.  I talked with Kyrie's teacher today and found out I can't send in cupcakes for her birthday, I can't make a cake because they aren't healthy.  They don't know what they are missing my cakes are FABULOUS.  I so have a great one planned for her birthday though.  I'm going to do a box of Scooby Snacks with Scooby Snacks coming out the top of it.  We did go by A C Moore today and Seth got some photography stuff and I got flowers to do my coffee pens for Scentsy.  Then we headed to the grocery store where the lady behind the counter paid for our groceries.  Of course we did our good deed for the day and donated three bags of stuff to goodwill before this so maybe our luck is getting better.  We can hope.

Day #5 What is the Purpose of Cognitive Rehab?

Day #5 of the challenge is here!  Here's another blog idea:
Write your opinion about something you saw on television or read in a article.
 the Article

A friend of mine posted this on her facebook a few days ago and it ate away at me.  I mean how dare they put a price tag on giving Soldiers the medical treatment they need when they are the ones who sent them to these places and broke them in the first place.  With Seth's injuries I am a firm believer in Cognitive Rehab.  I have seen first hand how much this program works.  I live every day dealing with Seth's brain injury and other conditions.  I remember the first few days after he was sent home and how he would forget the simple things like turning off the oven, or turning off the grill (a whole propane tank was wasted because of that one) or even forgetting to put the car in park.  Little things you and I take for granted his brain just didn't remember how to do anymore.  But Cognitive Rehab showed him things he could do to help him remember those things.  We had tons of little alarms going off for stuff but it worked and so does cognitive rehab. 

Word of the Year

I'm doing the word of the year again along with my wonderful friend Alayna who first told me about it.  This will be both of our third years of doing this and it really has been a great reminder in my life.  So I have known my word of the year for about two weeks but wanted to make my craft before I posted my blog.
I think after all the moving and chaos plus all that is still left to do this is going to be perfect for me in 2011.  Not only do I need to get myself organized but the house, my work and scrap stuff need it and I think it might help Seth if I can function on a more organized plain with his brain injuries.

New Year, New Things

It's a new year and that means I have to sit down and decide all of my new things for the year.  I have to pick my word of the year, find my quotes and make my craft.  I have to decide what book challenges I want to give a shot this year I am going with the BBC's list of 100 books that I hadn't already ready.  So I have 20 from previous now that leaves 80 more to go, along with trying to read 100 books for the year, catch up on the girls scrapbooks to 2011 and I think I will do another title challenge.  Also a group I am in is doing a few different monthly things so I am going to give those a shot January is a humor book, a book containing the number one, and Fire and Ice (which is reading a book with either Fire or Ice or both in the title).  So bring on the books!
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