Monday, February 28, 2011


Let it Snow

I've been so busy unpacking and cleaning I haven't even thought of blogging.  I have the entire upstairs done now just the downstairs needs to be done and of course that means my scrap/office stuff so my creativity is at a stand still.  But I did manage to have some good fun with the girls yesterday in the snow.  There Grandma got them sleds for Christmas and we took the little two sleds out in the front yard and let the girls go wild.  The girls had a snowball fight but the snow was too soft for good snowballs or for making a snowman.  I tried to help Zee up the hill in the yard but the snow was up to my knees.

We did the Christmas stuff and the girls got a ton.  They are still enjoying all there new stuff and there rooms smell wonderful from there new Scentsy buddys  Then Santa brought the girls new bedding so I have to finish off there rooms.   Kyrie's room still needs to be painted and I need to hang flowers but at least the rooms are clean. . 

The Long Road

We are over halfway done with our long road trip.  We tried to get pictures of everywhere we were but not a lot of great places in the middle of nowhere.  We went through Texas and Oklahoma where we visited with the Grandparents and other family.  We left there and headed through Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, then Alabama where we visted with my Dad and that side of the family.  Then we left and went through Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia then we are in Pennsylvania now visiting with friends for the holidays.  We leave for the last part of our trip on Sunday.

Finally the calm

October was a month of chaos and it is over and everything was taken care of.  The packers came and packed, the movers came and got us moved out, the house is cleaned and no longer ours and we got the car back.  Only to take it into the dealership and trade it in for another car.  The girls did the Trick or Treat thing with Nana and no we are closer to our leaving Texas day.  We are leaving on the morning of the 12th to start our journey first is Oklahoma, then Alabama, Pennsylvania and finally home to Maine.  Hopefully we can survive the trip in one peace and with our sanity.

The girls were a pirate rock star and a caterpillar.  Now the countdown starts till we leave 11 days!

Seth's Photography

Seth started a blog for his photography so go check it out and follow him

 Here are just a few of me and the girls he has a bunch he has done on there of others too and nature stuff.

Funny Little Southern Girl

So who would have thought that this little Southern Girl would be dying to go to Maine.  But I have the countdown on my home page to show days, hours, minutes and yep you guessed it seconds.  I have started packing boxes and can't wait for it all to get packed up and us start the journey to Forever!!!  We have the stops all planned I might have to throw in some important things the girls have to see before we leave the South.  And of course I will probably hate the fact that Northerners are stinkin mean but it's time for a change and I really want to have WHITE CHRISTMASES!

Busy Busy Overload

Feels like my brain is going in nine million different directions and I have ninety million things to do.  We have our retirement day, we know what day we want to leave Texas on our journey back to Maine.  Now is all the little things to get us there.  Between moving stuff even though it's months off, school and work stuff I don't know where time manages to squeeze in. 

Kyrie lost another tooth so she now is missing three of her front teeth looks like someone will be asking Santa for her front teeth.  She is doing good in school and will see her new speech therapists sometime this week or next.  The teeth are really making it harder to understand her.

Zee is doing her own thing and wants everyone to know it.  She is getting so big.  We went to the playground and Seth took pictures and she was all about doing things with the big kids and getting no help doing them.

Scentsy is keeping me busy.  But I LOVE it!  I've been making up scent cards for basket parties to mail off to people.  I have some catalogs to send off and have been working on organizing everything.

Off my Summer Hiatus

So I took the summer off my blogs now Kyrie has been in school for a few days I can have some time to update my blog.  This summer had a lot of de-cluttering and condensing.  We are getting closer to the finally days as Active Duty and entering the Retired life.  Who ever thought I would be married to a 30 year old retired man.  I started working it's a Work at Home type job as a Scentsy Consultant but it's work and I love it and there products.  I have a website and have done good so far.  Kyrie had her first day back to school and Zee cried a lot because she wasn't able to go too.

Ready Set Redecorate

So with the Move getting closer I figured I would put the girls in the same room so they got used to sharing a room.  I turned Zee's old room into the playroom and moved Zee's TV stand into the office and it's making this awesome storage thing for my scrapbook stuff.  Seth loves that it doesn't look cluttered.  I need to hang the toy net in the playroom and vacuum the girls room and playroom so I can get the stuffed animals all put away.  I dug out a ton more stuff for the garage sale.  And I've done it all by myself, go me!  Pictures to come later.  Now off to finish the office, work on laundry, and get the rest of the stuff I have been storing in the garage in the playroom. 

Volunteer Ceremony

Wednesday we had our Volunteer Ceremony at school.  I got a certificate with my house 45 hours and some odd minutes I don't remember and 31 of those hours was spent on reading with the pre-k kids.  I am going to go back next year and read with them again and maybe the kinders too since Kyrie will be one.  It's amazing most of the hours I put in I had Miss Zee with me "helping" too.  I hope this helps both girls understand the importance of volunteering.

Don't just talk about it DO IT

So that's right instead of just talking about supporting Cancer Awareness I did something about it.  I was part of American Cancer Society's (ACS) Relay for Life.  First off I feel fantastic that I did something to not only better myself but make me feel like I was doing something that made a big impact.  Cancer is a cause I am very serious about and getting out there and doing the walk made me feel like I moved this tremendous weight.  Last year I felt like my world collapsed with all that happened and this year I am working hard at my word REMEMBER and trying to do things to better myself.  I've met a ton of ladies with my book club and they are the ones I went and walked with.  All together I walked 3 miles which for me is a huge thing and I did a ton of dancing too because they counted those for there dollar a lap donations.  Seth did an item for the silent auction and he talked with the winner and is excited to do her shoot.  Hopefully life can calm down a little with this walk being done for the year but I have another cause in July I want to participate in.  Kyrie has water day on Thursday and a performance that evening.  Then school is close to being done for the summer.  Borders is doing this amazing kids program where if you read ten books you get one for free so I think I am going to get her all signed up for that.  I can't believe it's almost time for the giant little girl to be a Kindergartner.

Time For Nothing

It seems like I have had time for nothing lately. Kyrie had her field trip that I went on with her while Miss Zee went to CDC. Which of course she LOVED!!!!! Kyrie's class went out to Topsey Exotic Ranch and we got to feed animals of course Seth was a butt head and because I was riding the bus with the class I didn't get to bring the good camera so I couldn't get any of the far off shots that needed the good zoom. Kyrie of course didn't care either way she was just excited that I went with her. After going through the Zoo on the bus (it's a drive through one) we walked around and saw the Peacocks or PeaHawks as Kyrie calls them and forget about correcting her. We saw a Monkey that threw dirt at us and then we went and fed the goats before going to have lunch at the park. What a day I was beat by the end of it. I did make pretty lunch bags for all the kids in class they are up on my craft blog.
Seth is helping as assistant coach on Kyrie's team so Tball is just a hoot to watch. He is as much fun to watch as her at times he really gets into it. Kyrie's friend Reggie is on her team and the girls are 1 and 2 so we have been calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2. Zee has started to realize Eric is around more lately because she was asking for him at games.
We took the girls in for Physicals and let me tell you I have GIANTS!!!! Seth took Kyrie for her height, weight all that stuff so of course he doesn't have MOM sense to look and remember how much she weighed and how tall she was but he remembers ball park figure which she is about 48 inches and weighed around 45 pounds. And then Zee and I were in another room she did an amazing job the nurse was so proud and of course Mom had her camera on hand to snap pictures. She was 38 inches (so it was her last time laying on the table to get measured) and she was 35 pounds. MY BIG GIRLS! After that we saw the doctor who was AMAZING! You sure don't get a ton of his kind on post. He said both girls were doing good and he wanted to put Kyrie in for a console to make sure everything is doing fine from after her Bells Palsy. We also found out that Miss Kyrie's ears were seriously clogged up. So we went in to get them flushed out and in her right ear they found paper and tape (YES IN HER EAR) and in her left ear they found a POPCORN SEED!!!!!!!!!!!! I about died when they showed me and of course I didn't think to take a picture. Kyrie said Zee put it in there but we explained to her that she needed to tell us and things didn't belong in her ear.
We gave Kyrie some bad news and she took it pretty hard. We had to tell her that her FAVORITE PERSON was moving and after lots of informing her she could still write, talk on the computer and send her pictures she is okay with it now.
We had my Mom and brother over for dinner for Mothers Day and she wanted some pictures of her and the girls. So Seth took some of course these aren't edited and he will probably flip out but I'm tired of waiting I'm still waiting on Zee's birthday and Easter pictures.
We took the girls out to Rabbit Fest this weekend and Kyrie rode on a train, did the pony ride (My DAD would be so PROUD of her) and the girls and I did the petting area. They had pigs, a calf, a pony, goats, a sheep, ducks, a rooster and baby roosters, and bunnies. Zee knew which animals were which she did call the rooster chicken but it was close enough. She chased the ducks around yelling duck duck duck and she chased the roosters yelling chicken chicken chicken. Then we ended up bringing home a kitten and named her Jezzabell or Jezzy.

Artists gone Awry

So apparently our children are artists but instead of using paper they used the walls, window and bed yep that's right the bed. So I got to spend a good part of my morning painting to which didn't cover it all up but I didn't feel like messing with it all now. Then I rearranged Kyrie's room to help try and cut down on all of the crazy bed moving and took out all her toys replaced her Tink sheets with red ones. She knows the drill she has to earn her toys back so hopefully this will get some good behavior out of her. She does seem happy with the new look of her room maybe that's why she kept trying to move things on her own.

Album 04/30/10, by Rebecca Gay

I'd like to share my Walgreens Photo Center photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.

A new start

So this is going to be my "Family Only" blog now let's hope I can stick with both of these.

So Seth is supposed to go in for Surgery and have some shrapnel taken out of the back of his head around C2. He also has started the process of quitting smoking. I'm so excited and he seems to be doing good with it.

Kyrie, she is doing great in school and so ready for Kindergarten. She is doing Tball again this year and Seth is helping be assistant coach. She loves it and wants to get some batting gloves to be just like Big Papi (of course the kid wants to be like her FAVORITE Red Sox player). She is just as busy as ever and is all hell bent on recycling which I'm glad to let her help do. She also got to plant some flowers this past weekend so we are hoping something grows from them. She plans on Saving the World.

Zee, is becoming more and more her own little person with her own personality. She is very much a Momma's Girl which is only fair since Kyrie is a Daddy's Girl. She loves Turtles, Dora, Boots, her Zeus, Eric and Max and Ruby. She has started in with this Here it is thing when we get up to school. She is all about being all about what is going on. Today she was jammin out in the garage as we were getting ready to go and get Kyrie to the IPOD.

We got a new member of our family Sheldon Cooper the Turtle. My Aunt caught him and the girls just love him to pieces. He's a water turtle so he just swims around and has a little thing for if he wants to get out but for the most part he is happy just swimming.

Elvira, wasn't so happy that Sheldon got fish but got over it. She has a little friend that comes and plays with her in the evenings. Thank the Lord she is fixed I sure don't need kittens.

I've been volunteering up at school twice a week and love the feeling of helping those kids. I also joined a book club and playdate group. The ladies are great and have kids around at least Zee's age Kyrie has been in school for most of the playdates. I set a reading goal for myself of 40 books for the year, a book for every letter of the Alphabet, and a book from each of these 11 genres that were listed in this group I took the challenge from. So far I am doing great with it all.

Another day

So it's my second time of doing the Feeling Fabulous and I love it. I feel great, I didn't complain about walking to school to volunteer, or walking home after getting Kyrie. It's wonderful to know such a little thing made such an improvement in my life. I also volunteered today, I read with kids and loved it. Tomorrow is scrap day and I plan on working on Pirate Party stuff.

New with 2010

So I have been doing a ton different this year. I made out a schedule of what I want to do every week, I set a reading goal for myself for the year, I joined this awesome reading site, and I am trying out this feeling fabulous challenge. I am also going to try and not complain when I have to walk to school to go and get Kyrie.
I cleaned and rearranged the girls rooms I figured a new year there rooms needed a fresh new look. They both love them. I want to at least blog once a week and I am going to have to find someone to kick my butt about staying on top of that. I have birthday party and cake madness this weekend and next.
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