Monday, February 28, 2011

2009 mid

Day 127 Project 365

Kyrie, this was in the morning before getting ready for T ball. The game was done wrong they only played one inning instead of two but it was the other team. Then Mr. Eric brought her one of his ties for her to wear to school next week. Kenzie, I got more stuff out of the attic and one of them was Kyrie's old Blue dog it sings to you and it's star lights up. So now it's Kenzie's and she absolutely loves it and I have to push it when I lay her down.
Random, we cleaned the garage and started making a pile for the garage sale on the 15th of next month. I got a few bags out of the attic but not all of them. There is still some stuff to go through and more things to get out of the attic let's hope we get rid of it all.

Day 126 Project 365

Kyrie, today was field day at school. They ended up changing shirts once they got to school. I put a ton of sun screen on her so she wouldn't burn, then later I went up to add more. Then she had t ball practice and Seth said she had to run laps with the rest of the team and she was the only one smiling about it.Kenzie, she has this fascination with shoes. She loves putting on other peoples shoes or just playing with them.
Random, so I forgot it was teacher appreciation week so I had to make up three gifts for Kyrie's teacher, teacher's aide and speech therapist. So I made them little folder things with paper in them for them to write notes in. They loved them and her speech therapist said she is normally overlooked and isn't considered a teacher.

Day 125 Project 365

Kyrie, here she is on her way to school with Mom. She has on her shorts that Eggy got her they are just so cute. Kenzie, that's right no rail!!!!! Kenzie had an eventful day she helped me take the rail off her crib and turn it into a toddler bed then we cleaned up the house. She had a nap just fine and slept wonderfully in her new toddler bed.
Random, so I spent most of the morning working on the bed. I took off the rail tried to lower the bed with no luck only to have to move it back up because it wouldn't fit right. But now Kenzie is going the ranks of the BIG GIRLS!!!!

Day 124 Project 365

Kyrie, she has insisted on wearing her robe to bed. This is her robe from her Grandma Eggy.

Kenzie, she had a blast playing with Seth and I snapped tons of pictures of the two of them.Random, so I took a bunch of pictures of Seth and I together and even though you can't quiet see our faces perfect this is my fav.

Day 123 Project 365

Kyrie, came home and just had to play the Wii. Today was a walk home day so I took the double stroller even though Kyrie is way too big for it and she doesn't get she can't put her feet down. Needless to say I got a great exercise today pushing the girls in the heat all the way home.Kenzie, so it looked like rain all day ha ha Texas fooled me it was hot as can be outside. But I had already stuck Kenzie in these overalls and had no time to change her.
Random, today was laundry day I had five loads to wash, I still have to put the last one in the dryer and I put away laundry. I still have to finish doing that. But I did clean the house and squeeze in some much needed "ME" time. You wouldn't believe how relaxing doing a few layouts could be for me.

Day 122 Project 365

Kyrie, she had a good day at school even though it was awful getting her up. I do have to share a story with you all there is a girl that comes over to Kyrie's class that is special needs. Kyrie has told us this little girl is her greatest friend. Her teacher tells us how Kyrie always wants to help with her and play with her. I am so proud of Kyrie.Kenzie, she always seems to have some cheesey face when I snap a picture of her. This was right before she went to bed and I'm amazed you can't tell she was screaming because she was so tired.
Random, as you can tell it has been one of those days. I have an awful headache and wore my glasses all day.

Day 121 Project 365

Kyrie, she had a long day and didn't want to go to sleep because Eric and Megan were over.
Kenzie, she was dressed in her cute little outfit from Megan and Eric. Then she had to wear the green beads she is such a little girl she loves having on necklaces.
Random, I helped Megan start scrapping today it was her first time and she did amazing. I did manage to get this layout done of Kyrie's uniform and make a little paper doll.

Day 120 Project 365

Kyrie, she had a day of playing video games. She was in Heaven. It was one of those relaxing days so we just kind of chilled out.Kenzie, she was laughing rolling around on the floor. I had tickled her.
Random, I got a lot accomplished today 10 layouts, 3 cards and this altered coaster for my Mom for Mother's day.

Day 119 Project 365

Kyrie, practice was canceled because of the weather and she doesn't have a game scheduled for tomorrow.
Kenzie, she is so funny sometimes. She blows air at us when she wants her picture taken.
Tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day and I plan on getting a ton of stuff done.

Day 118 Project 365

Kyrie, this is her before getting her hair done for school. Some morning are easy to get her ready some aren't so easy.Kenzie, she wore her Mommy's Little Monster Social Distortion shirt today and because it's not pink or anything like that and she doesn't have lots of hair we got asked if she was a boy.
Random, we did our grocery shopping then I had to rearrange the cabinet so that everything would fit.

Day 117 Project 365

Kyrie, the one picture I got of Kyrie was awful she had on mean face. I did get this picture of Mom with the girls and it came out great.
Kenzie, she loves to pour her cereal out all over the place then plays with the bowl. She was just a laughing away so I had to get a picture of her.
Random, Kyrie had to bring sac lunch for her field trip so I had to decorate the sac. I did Tuesday's as well but forgot to take a picture. Kyrie loved her sacs.

Day 116 Project 365

Kyrie, she had a field trip to go see Bolt in the theater then they had lunch at the park and went and saw the animals at the animal shelter. Apparently there was a little black kitten there and she wanted us to go and get it so Elvira could have a baby.Kenzie, we stayed in the house it looked like it was going to rain and it lightly sprinkled on and off all day. Every time I lifted her up she kept trying to get my laptop.
Random, Seth had more appointments today. Still nothing new with what they know yet. He does have a scan of his back coming up though.

Day 115 Project 365

Kyrie, she has a field trip tomorrow she is so excited. She had a good day at school home is always another thing. She got her prizes for reading we are at 101 sheets turned in so she got a balloon in her bag of prizes and she had to get the pump to blow it up.Kenzie, I baby sat today and Kenzie had two friends to play with. She did well for a while but then she was ready for a nap. Then they were gone once she woke up so she bothered me while I scrapped and looked at books.

Random, I did get to do one page so far today my goal is to get 5 more done before the first. Tonight is Monday show night so I have to see if they are reruns if so I can work on the rest of these layouts but if not they will be Tuesday projects.

Day 114 Project 365

Kyrie, it was a cold rainy day so we stayed in the house. I got the girls dressed in sweats and let Kyrie play my DS so I could clean up.
Kenzie, we learned tonight she isn't a fan of homemade spaghetti she prefers it out of a can or at least with ground sausage instead of ground beef. She had a much better day then Saturday even though she was up at 5 something in the morning.
Random, I spent most of the day moving furniture and cleaning. I moved Kyrie's desk out of the office and moved the DVD case to that corner. I hooked up the DVD player, converter and had to rehook up the tv, and internet stuff. After I finished that I cleaned Kyrie's room, then moved onto my scrap area which I cleaned and redid so I wasn't so cramped up.

Day 113 Project 365

Kyrie, thankfully t ball didn't get rained out. This was Kyrie's first game. She got to hit the ball two separate times. The first time she hit it on her first try. Her second time up to hit it took her a few times to hit the ball but the helmets are too big for her head so it makes it hard for her to see. So we are going to have to go and get her, her own helmet.Kenzie, she wanted me to take pictures of her since I was taking some of Kyrie. She blew air at my face till I took a picture of her. She got impatient sitting out there because she was ready for a nap but she did like the cheering.

Random, here is Kyrie waiting to play. I pulled her hair through her ponytail holder but she took it out. She is the one on the far left. There are only two little girls on her team.

Kenzie's Birthday Party

Day 112 Project 365

Kyrie, this is her getting ready for Seth to take her to school. She had a good day at school just one more good day and she can go on the field trips.
Kenzie, Kyrie picked out her clothes this morning. Then the two played on the blanket with Kyrie's baby dolls till Kyrie had to go to school. Kyrie was telling Kenzie to take care of the brother doll while she was at school.
Random, Mom had an errand to run so Seth ended up taking Kyrie to school.

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