Monday, February 28, 2011

February and January 2009


Here is our new cat. We named her Elvira since she is black. She is such a great cat.

New Furniture

Here is the new furniture. All set up and ready.

Day 58 Project 365

Kyrie, she has been so much better behaved lately. Let's hope this continues.

Kenzie, we spent the day looking at pets. She had a blast seeing all the animals.Random, we got a cat today from the Second Chance Shelter. She is six months old and such a great cat.


Here are pictures from Seth's ceremony. I can't even begin to express how Proud of him I am.

Day 57 Project 365

Kyrie, she wanted to show her favorite color well one of them before bed.Kenzie, we practiced clapping before we went to the ceremony but then once we got there and everyone was clapping she didn't clap.

Random, ok so I know I have had a lot of Seth as my random photo but I had to share. Here he is after recieving his purple heart.

Day 56 Project 365

Kyrie, this was right after bath time yesterday. I realized I have a ton of pictures of Kenzie and me but not that many of Kyrie and I so I snapped a few. Neither girl is easy to take pictures with.
Kenzie, well with the movers here Kenzie had a rough day. She went to bed around 3 and slept till 7 in the morning. So I took a picture of her puppy so I didn't wake her up.

Random, so Kyrie runs into the office and tells me how she loves Daddy's duckie pants. So I knew that instead of posting a picture of my bedroom like I was going to do for my random picture I had to post Seth's Duckie pj pants.

Day 55 Project 365

Kyrie, here she is playing DS with my brother. They thought they were being sneaky because they aren't supposed to be playing video games. We started a new rule with Kyrie no video games during the week.Kyrie, Mom walked off so Kenzie had to come and investigate. She followed me all around the house today and gave me trouble while I was trying to organize my scrap stuff.
Random, ok so the desk isn't organized or cleaned off for that matter but you can see some of it now which was an improvement. I did get my two tall tupperware drawer things organized and my two paper tupperware drawer things done and two bags. Now all I have left is the desk, one more tupperware drawer thing and the top of both the tall tupperware drawer things to do and I am all organized. It helped so much getting a filing cabinet.

Day 54 Project 365

Kyrie, well today has been a bad day for Kyrie. I took this picture right before bed we had homework to do then I had some things I needed to get done.Kenzie, well she followed me around while I cleaned today and while I was hanging Kyrie's curtains she played with her kitchen.

Random, Seth had me take picture of him outside today so here is one of the ones I took.

Day 53 Project 365

Kyrie, this was her all dressed up in the car before the birthday party. We were waiting for Seth to get out of 7 eleven with our drinks.Kenzie, Woo hoo Seth let me use his camera. I know it's a miracle. Here is Kenzie playing with a balloon at Jackie's birthday party.
Random, here is my Hottie himself playing on his computer. And our bookshelves, we spent yesterday doing the office so we could get it all set up and then today we did all the rest of the rooms but our bedroom. I cleaned Kenzie's room and made room for her new dresser, I cleaned and rearranged Kyrie's room, cleaned the girls bathroom, cleaned the dining room and made room for the new table. We made room for the new trash can under the sink, rearranged the living room and cleaned the living room. And we started working on moving stuff from our room. Only a few more days and the new furniture will be here. I am so excited.

Day 52 Project 365

Kyrie, this was from the girls playing together in Kyrie's room.Kenzie, she was trying to get Kyrie's Pet Shops out of the drawer so she could play with them.
Random, this is a layout I did for the baby book I am working on for a friend of my Mother. I have one last page to do then the book is finished.

Day 51 Project 365

Kyrie, so I almost forgot to do my pictures today. I have been bound and determined to get this baby book done for my Mom's friend. So here is Miss Kyrie in bed.Kenzie, and of course by the time I remembered she was out for the night. But I got a picture of her none the less.
Random, this is the book I am putting all the pages in. It's just some random baby that came with the book the lady I am making this for hasn't had her baby yet. I have two pages left to do then the whole book is done. I am so excited because when I finish I am going to finish making a book for my friend Rachel and Matt's new baby Logan. He is such a little cutie.

Pictures Seth took

Day 50 Project 365

Kyrie, she ended up getting sick at school so I picked her up and she ended up falling asleep on the floor.Kenzie, I took her outside today to play in the grass. She wanted to eat it more then anything else but she loved being outside.

Random, here is another one of Seth playing with his camera and tripod. He ended up taking a ton of pictures.

Day 31 Project 365

Kyrie, she is sick so she spent most of the day sleeping on and off. I snapped this one of her sleeping on the couch earlier today.

Kenzie, she was all full of smiles today. She also took a step towards me and one towards Seth before she threw herself at us both times.

Random, this is of my drop cloth it's an old sheet that doesn't fit any of our beds, my paint and brushes. I did two coats on the front door today and it made a huge difference.

Day 30 Project 365

Kyrie, today was a LONG LONG day. I have no clue why it came out so dark. Her light was on and I have taken a ton of pictures in the same place and all that aparently my camera was ready for bed.
Kenzie, like I said earlier it was a long day. So long and with a ton of errands that Kenzie crashed before I could get a picture of her. But she does look so cute though.
Random, is of my bed because that is where my tired butt wants to be. I didn't get enough sleep last night and had a long day today.

Day 29 Project 365

Kyrie, got a ds today and a pet shop game for it so she is in there laying in bed playing it.
Kenzie, I took this one of her while we were at Best Buy while Seth was looking for his new camera.
Random, is of our new entertainment center for the living room. Seth is putting it together now and I snuck away to post this blog.D

Day 28 Project 365

Kyrie, well what can I said she always has a cheesey face. She is wearing her Bob pj's. That I had to get in the next size up because she is way too tall.

Kenzie, she is in her big girl 18 month jammies. They are Blue's Clues. She is just so long she needs the bigger size. My little giant. And of course she has to have her Red Sox mobile or she wont sleep.

Random, is of mine and Seth's bookmarks. I didn't have the right paper to laminate so I will end up having to make us other ones. But this is what we have for now. And he loves his.

Day 27 Project 365

Kyrie, she had a dentist appointment today and of course the camera had to come along with us. I snapped a few pictures of her she is so good and Renee let's her do the suction herself and she loves that.

Kenzie, this is right before bed I almost forgot so I passed her off to Seth to get a picture of them. Of course he has to have mean face and she has to play with her binky.
Random picture of the day is my clean scrap desk. I am so proud I got it all cleaned and underneath it done.

Day 26 Project 365

Kyrie, I snapped her picture while she was eating dinner tonight. I wanted a picture where she wasn't looking at me making some crazy face.

This is Kenzie before we had dinner. She had a nakie day today she ran around in big girl panties and peed on Daddy's foot.
the random picture today is of the box Seth has been waiting on with his laptop and other things from Iraq. On the plus side now he has his wallet on the down side he has a laptop that the battery doesn't work and no cord because it wasn't mailed with this box.

Day 25 Project 365

Kyrie, laying on the couch playing Scooby Doo. Hopefully we are going to see if she is able to go back to school tomorrow.
Kenzie, so I cheated Seth actually took this picture. Kenzie was standing up by me this morning and he snapped a few pictures of her.
And of course I cheated with my random picture today too. Seth took this one of me, I was trying to figure somethings out for the first and he snapped a picture of me.

Day 24 Project 365

Kyrie, I was amazed I got such a great picture of her. Without her being crazy or sticking out her tounge.
Kenzie, I missed the really cute one of her. I so need to get the camera out faster but she looked so cute today in her sweatsuit that said Princess on the tushy with her kiss me I'm cute onesie.
Random, first off I have finally altered my BOM journal. I have been trying to get it done all week. It matches the colors of my BOM blue and brown.

Day 23 Project 365

Kyrie, since she isn't able to be in school we have been doing homework worksheets in her book for things they are doing in school. We do about 3 to 5 sheets front and back a day and we read at least 5 books a day.

Kenzie, playing with her clapping ear Eeyore she got for christmas from her grandma. She loves it.

I went to the library today and got books for Kyrie since she missed library day at school and a book for Seth. I looked for me but of course all the things I wanted to
read they didn't have

Day 22 Project 365

Kyrie, well she loves having her picture taken I had to take three to get a halfway decent face today.
Kenzie, she is wearing the jammies Kyrie picked out for her tonight to bed. She was also chewing on her cord for her binky,
Random, today it is the chicken pox that have taken residence on Kyrie. Of course this means she will be out of school, thankfully her teacher is going to put together a package for us and put some special things in there for her.

Day 21 Project 365

Kyrie, I snapped this one of her during one of the many times she came out of her room after we had sent her to bed.

Kenzie, this was right after I laid her down to go to bed.
She had her Red Sox mobile on and was happy.

Random, well I didn't get to do much today that didn't involve cleaning or some other type chore thing. We cleaned out the cabinets, pantry, fridge, freezer, I did three loads of laundry and scrubbed down the girls bathroom because a pipe outside the house backed up and we ended up having to have a plumber out to fix it. I also moved the couches and cleaned under and behind them and messed with the printer more today.

Day 20 Project 365

Kyrie eating her cookie before she went to bed.

Kenzie, she was crawling to her room for bed when she realized I was behind her. She is also teething so she has constantly got something in her mouth.

Random is my new journal that I need to alter to keep my BOM stuff in

Day 19 Project 365

Kyrie before bed. Well after she snuck out of her room an hour after she had been sent to bed.

Kenzie before I put her in bed. We just got done singing and dancing to Pheneus and Ferb.

The random picture is of Kyrie giving Seth kisses.

Day 18 Project 365

Random is of the bandages we have to put on Seth's head

Here is Kenzie eating dinner she was staring at my Mom

Kyrie, playing video games before bed.

Day 17 Project 365

Random is of the flowers in our living room.

I uploaded the photo of Kenzie onto my laptop and I am at a friends house right now and can't get to it so I will have to post it tomorrow.

This is Kyrie before people showed up for her party. She waited at the door for the longest time she was so anxious for her friends to get there.

Day 16 Project 365

Kyrie she was reading her shirt to me when I took this picture. Her teacher says she is a social butterfly so when I saw this shirt I had to get it the other day and she wore it today. It was cold so I stuck a turtleneck underneath it. But she is most definitely my Social Butterfly.

Kenzie, this was before we went to go and get Kyrie from school she was all ready but had to have a few cheerios before we left.

My random picture today is of Kenzie's turtle slipper. It is just too cute not to share. She has a matching robe, towel and wash cloth

Word of the Year

I got the idea from a friend you can check out her blog here She picked a word for to identify what I want for the year. So I thought about it for two weeks and picked the word Strong. I picked the word before I found out about Seth getting hurt but now it seems to fit even more so I couldn't find the big letters to alter that I wanted but I did get some little letters and a plaque to put them on. So that's how I made mine. I am going to hang them up by my desk so when I am in there it will remind me I need to be strong in life. I want to be a stronger mom for the girls, physically stronger, mentally stronger and I think this is going to help me.

Day 15 Project 365

Today is Seth's birthday, Happy Birthday BABY!!!

Random picture is first today this is Kyrie's plate for her party on Saturday.

Kenzie, this was her at nap time I stuck her in bed for a minute Kyrie put her bottle in her bed earlier and I noticed after taking the picture.
Here is Miss Kyrie before bed.
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