Friday, January 10, 2014

Busy few days

I haven't sat in front of my computer much the past few days.  I had to clean the house and take down all the decorations.  The weather being bad and school being cancelled prevented that.  But it is done so the house can go back to looking a little less crowded.  Then Wednesday I had to get Kyrie's cake ready to take into class and volunteer in Zee's class. So going with Kyrie's theme since her class is so large I made an Harry Potter face.  The cake was a hit!!! 
Then we came home and let Kyrie open up some of her gifts from us and from my Mom, brother and Shannon. 
Zee also gave her the scrapbook she made her and the two girls were so cute as Kyrie went through it. 
Then she opened up her big gift from us and IPod so she could listen to her music. 

 I can tell you by her face it was a huge hit and made better because I loaded it up for her first with music. She even let Zee listen to it.

 Then of couse Kyrie picked pancakes for her birthday dinner but I found a recipe for Brownie Pancakes over at Betty Crocker.  So Seth made up the pancakes and I added the whipped cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles.  We stuck a candle in them and sang happy birthday to her too. 

 Then yesterday I spent the day dealing with a horrible headache so I didn't get much done except signing up for Good Morning Girls.  I'm excited to get started with that.

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