Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finally Almost Ready

So the past few days I have been ripping music into I-Tunes to load onto the I-Pod Kyrie is getting for her birthday.  Which takes forever and I could kick myself for waiting till I have a giant pile and not doing it a little at a time but oh well it will be done.  I also got her gifts all wrapped the ones she will get on her birthday and the ones she will get at her party.  I made the shopping list for her special brownie pancakes we are going to try (I know seriously who wants to eat out when Brownie Pancakes can be the meal) and she picked pancakes I just found a way for them to be better.  I know awesome mom points to me and pinterest.  So while I got her I-Pod all set up I finished a book Forever Odd by Dean Koontz and got in some scrapbook time with the girls Friends albums.  Other then needing to print up some pictures I have them both caught up to this year.  Which is exciting because since we have been here I have not been caught up on ANY album.  I swear I had more time in Texas with an infant.  I will make more time this year I am tired of being so far behind on the girls books.  I am also trying to not only mark my books when I read them but review them too.  Now here is hoping the weather is nice so they have school for a full day tomorrow so I can get the house back in shape and all the decorations down.

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