Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

They say Life happens at the end of your comfort zone.  I am trying to be more Empowered so today when I checked my email and saw that someone from Operation Homefront had emailed me about Senator Elizabeth Dole and the Dole Foundation Fellowship.  I  was intrigued, who wouldn't be.  The road hasn't been easy and we started it not even knowing I was a Caregiver.  But then that is how every adventure starts by heading into the unknown.  So after some communication with someone at the Foundation and talking with a friend on facebook and some deep soul searching on my part I sent in my application.  So now I wait but I feel like I am going in a direction that I need to be going in.  For almost 5 years I've been a "Caregiver" a good part of it not even realizing I was one.  I don't want someone else going through the beginning times like I did.  So Wish me Luck!!!!!

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