Friday, January 24, 2014

Tomorrow's the PARTY

Tomorrow's the BIG day and I'm finishing up the final prep.  I got the chocolate candy made up, the cake frosted and just have the lightning bolt to add to the cupcakes and the jello for the pensive is in the fridge chilling so I can just add the whipped cream when it is ready.  Then I have to set it all up.  And of course I realized the day before I have NO happy birthday banner.  I can't find her zebra print one I made so if I can't find it I will have to make another one tonight and I'm not really feeling up to being crafting all night.  Pictures to come tomorrow once I get everything all set up and ready.  It has also started party planning mode for Miss Zee's party and after Seth and I talking it looks like we might push her party back till the weather is warmer and do it outside.  So after tomorrow PIRATE party planning will commence.  Any ideas anyone has are welcome!!!

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