Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Adventures

As we finished off another year I saw so many people post how bad the year had been for us.  Though there were many moments that were bad moments it didn't make a bad year.  We had so many ADVENTURES in 2013 and that is what life is about creating adventures.  Kyrie saw another birthday go by and brought in 8 with rainbows, Seth welcomed 32 and we saw how wonderful our neighbors are.  Then Seth and I celebrated 10 years of being married, then followed by Zee becoming 5 and finally being able to have her own library card.  Then we spent Spring Break on bikes, then the girls prepared for recital.  Zee said goodbye to pre-school days as she prepared for Kindergarten in the fall.  Zee showed us she was born a dancing star and Kyrie busted out her hip hop moves.  Seth got up on stage and danced with Kyrie.  June brought a new refrigerator, our last Relay for Life in Augusta for awhile as we prepared for My Mom, Shannon and brother Austin to come and visit and help us Renew our Vows.  We had a short but wonderful visit with them and embarked on fun filled days, while I said goodbye to my 20's and became 30.  In August our family grew by four paws and we brought Lucky home.  Who became my walking buddy as we tackled 5 to 6 miles a day.  Kyrie started Third grade and Zee started Kindergarten.  And the chaos of activities started.   We had our downs but we had so many ups.  We went hiking, took the girls to see a Fort, and through lots of nature walks with friends.  We spent a great amount of time with friends.  So yes we had downs but without them we would not have had all the Adventures we did.  Here is to new adventures in 2014 for us.  And I ended the year 3 pounds away from my first goal.  I will  work hard and strive to show myself I can do this and be a better me. 
New year, new adventures!!!!   I'm off to EMPOWER me in any way I can!!!!

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