Monday, January 6, 2014

Party Crafting for the Day

So I have been working on party stuff when I wasn't helping Zee make a scrapbook for Kyrie for her birthday.  So far I have made invitations, made card to go with the chocolate frogs I will be making and painted some bulbs to use as golden snitches.  And I have found some other ideas now to come up with decorations and start working on making those.  I know I want to make a platform 9 and 3/4 sign since I added tickets to the invitations. I also made her up a Harry Potter Birthday card and made a birthday card for a friends son whose party the girls are going to this month.  I talked with a teacher friend and set up two days a week I will come in and help
volunteer with her class.  So that puts me up to three days volunteering at school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and whenever I am needed for box top store on Fridays.  I think having a more serious set out week will help keep me on track.   Now for these golden snitches to dry so I can add wings to them and figure out what all else I can make up ahead.

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