Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One Little Word CHANGES

So I've been thinking and thinking and am normally so on track and I think I picked the wrong word.  That's not anywhere near normal for me and these last few weeks I could feel that my word wasn't "MY" word.  So after much thought I decided I needed a new word one that really needs to happen in my life.  The past few years I haven't felt very Happy in much of anything, I HATE (and I don't use that word over or hardly ever so you know it is important) what has become of who I am.  I can't find and hold my spark anymore, I can't even figure out why I bother.  I have fleeting moments where I am happy and I've grasped and held onto them for as long as I can but I realized have those few and far between moments are not who I am.  To me it feels like Maine has sucked the life out of me.  I'm a hot weather person and now I spend most of the year freezing cold because it's cold here.  I'd give up snow for flip flops any day.  I can't seem to find that happy in me anymore and I need it so bad.  I can't spend my life in this void anymore.  I need to take back my happy at whatever the cost!!!!  So I'm changing my word to Happy and finding more of it in my life.

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